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System for telemetry ECG recording and analyzing "Astrocard®- Telemetry".
  • Real time ECG Monitoring on 2-3 or 12-leads of 1-64 patientes simultaneously;
  • Compact ECG recorders with 2-3 or 12 leads;
  • Central Monitoring Station provides a wide rang of observation opportunities, "Emergency" alarm and database recording;
  • Retrospective analysis using ECG Holter monitoring programs;
  • Portable Central Monitoring Station;
Ambulatory ECG and BP monitoring system Astrocard® - holter analysis(Astrocard® - Holtersystem).

New generation system provides recording ECG on 3 or\and 12 leads, BP recording, analysis of arrhythmia and ST dynamics, analysis of pacemaker, rhythm variability, high resolution ECG analysis, QT interval analysis and other abilities.

System for stress test - (Astrocard® Polysystem-FS).
Operates with:
  • bicycle ergometer
  • treadmill
  • stress-echo
System for noninvasive electrophysiological investigations (EPI) Astrocard® "CardioEPI" (Polysystem-EP/L)

System for intracardiac electrophysiological studies (Astrocard® - CardioEP 2)

  • Recording of 128 endocardial channels and 12-leads ECG
  • Superior electrogram signals
  • Compatible with any EP catheter
  • Dual channel cardiac stimulator
  • Advanced RF Ablation System
  • High-precision nonfluoroscopic navigation system and mapping system
  • Invasive Blood Pressure recording
  • Integration with other Astrocard products
System for cardiac rehabilitation Astrocard®

System for Cardiac Rehabilitation Astrocard is designed for a phased rehabilitation using various training programs and load devices. The system allows you to monitor up to 10 ergometers and treadmills.
System for automated polysomnography investigations - Astrocard® Somnostudio

  • Registration and automatic analysis of episodes of apnea, snoring, desaturation, respiratory flow, respiratory movements, activity, and body position;
  • Small and lightweight portable recorder;
  • Convenient and informative interface;
  • Full compatibility with the ambulatory ECG and BP monitoring system.

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